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Instructional Design

We will ask the critical questions and customize the best solution tied to your business goals. 


  • Content Design & Development

  • Social & Informal Learning

  • Transition Instructor Led Training to Virtual Training

  • Blended learning


Learning Effectiveness

Develop tools to evaluate learning effectiveness to enhance training quality, alignment of desired outcomes, course content, training objectives,

and employee transfer of skills.


  • Learning Strategy

  • Training Quality

  • Learning Progression

  • Learning Objectives


Training Delivery

Conduct training developed internally or acquired through an outside provider. Develop your internal training staff's presentation skills using MVS Solutions expert training techniques. 


  • Instructor Lead Training

  • Virtual Instructor Led Training

  • Train the Trainer

  • Mentoring/Coaching Learning Professionals 



We will help you enhance your virtual skills to meet desired expectations. Our goal is to provide you the guidance that will help your virtual development and facilitation be the ultimate learning experience for your participants. 


(Sessions can be provided individually or in a package. Conducted via skype, phone, or virtual classroom. Free Initial consultation)




Getting Started With Virtual Sessions and/or Webinars

Q and A session on using virtual classroom software, adapting content, preparing presenters and learners, setting up and managing audio.


Prepping Virtual Session

Focus on your specific needs by joining 1:1 prep session. Review your session content and interactions and determine best choices for presenting using virtual classroom features. Identify opportunities to engage learners using platform functionalities.


Pre-Virtual Session Review

Review updates made during virtual session prep. Review each slide, demo, activity, and handoff to ensure fluid transitions in the virtual classroom. Discuss processes, procedures, best practices and determine roles and actions during the session. 

Virtual Session Rehearsal

Rehearse complete session while in role. Record session. Debrief and make final adjustments for live session.


Presentation Assist

Aid you behind the scenes during your live virtual classroom session.


Plus/Delta Session

Will review your recording or live session and provide you with observations and recommendations for improvement.


Virtual Review Debriefs

1-hour session

Adjust production and delivery plan for the next session.

Image by Kevin Bhagat


We are passionate about inspiring, educating and influencing training professionals. We will help you develop into a creative problem-solver

and innovative thinker. 


Trainer Mentor Sessions

Based on your needs and situation we will go from consultant to mentor, equipping you with best practices, resources, and guidance inspiring you to realize performance enhancing solutions. 


Training Prep Q&A Sessions

Ask questions about preparing for, producing, and presenting virtual instructor led training sessions. 


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